Hey there!

I'm Tamas Kemenczy, a game-maker, (graphics) programmer and one-third of Cardboard Computer, where I make games with long-time friends & collaborators Jake Elliott and Ben Babbitt. I live & work in Chicago.

You can find me on: github, twitter, or instagram.

Here's what's new with me:

Working on ACT V of Kentucky Route Zero.

Download my DND5E character sheet and pretend like you're playing dnd forty years ago.

Videogames: Design/Play/Disrupt is open at the Victoria & Albert Museum and features KRZ among other fantastic games.

I'm going to be teaching the GAME ART course at the ILUM University in Milan this winter.

Recently released the last KRZ interlude, Un Pueblo De Nada, and some video art to go along with it at wevp.tv.

That's all for now...